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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can mean many different things. For our clients, it refers to one simple goal: bringing customers to the web site! But there are many different tasks that go into achieving that goal, so SpiralFX takes a more structured and precise approach than just "SEO." This short glossary of terms will help you understand our process:


         Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  This is the process of adjusting various elements of a web site so that it appears higher in search engine results for target keywords. SEO is a set of actions taken directly within your own web site. Its goal is for the search engines to recognize that your site is relevant for the services and products that your business provides. Obviously, the higher your site ranks in the search results for your business search terms, the more traffic your web site will receive. In addition, you want that traffic to be "interested" visitors - quality is more important than just "hit" or quantity. In general, changes you make to your site can take as much as 6 months to be reflected in the search results.

         Search Engine Marketing (SEM), sometimes called Search Engine Advertising (SEA):  A variety of marketing/advertising options, usually working directly with the search engines. These campaigns are complex and time-consuming to manage, so SpiralFX can advise you on their management or even run them for you.

         Pay-Per-Click (PPC):  This is when a company pays a search engine to show an ad when certain keywords are searched. However, you are only charged if the viewer also clicks on that ad, and then comes to your web site. You are not charged for how often the ad appears in the results. This is an effective form of advertising, but you are also competing with other businesses for those "clicks." Done carelessly, one business could be spending much more (paying a higher "cost-per-click" or "CPC") than its competitors to get the same amount of traffic! SpiralFX uses proven strategies to help you get more traffic per dollar spent.

         Natural or Organic Results:  When a search engine shows the results of a keyword search, the Natural or Organic results are those which appear in the main part of the page - FREE. Good SEO can result in a substantial amount of traffic from "Organic" search results. 

Contact SpiralFX to discuss the most effective options for your particular needs. But remember that in most cases, the best results are obtained by a combination of SEO and PPC.  Pay-Per-Click gets your ad on the first page of search results IMMEDIATELY, where your SEO efforts take some time to develop.


So then why not just do PPC? Thereís a good reason Ė it is also extremely important that your site appear in the Organic search results, preferably on the first few pages, for your keywords. If your site is not optimized properly, you simply wonít get very good rankings. A combination of SEO and PPC gives you both immediate and long-term positive results.


Please note that any search engine marketing or optimization should be addressed with a partner who can also help you define the goals of your efforts. Many companies just want visitors to come to their home page, but this is not very effective in converting those visitors into customers. Think of all the lost potential if people visit your site, but you can never contact them because you donít know who they are!  


SpiralFX can help you develop a marketing plan that works in combination with your SEO efforts, so that you gain the most from your investment. To find out more, check out our section on Internet Marketing or contact us for a free analysis of your online  marketing needs.


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