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SpiralFX Makes Quality Transport’s Scheduling Faster and Easier
Phoenix-based Quality Transport Services of Arizona specializes in making things quick and easy for their customers; however, their old computer system was doing just the opposite.  Quality Transport operates a fleet of on-call vans offering customized transportation for individuals and groups, frequently for healthcare needs. Their vehicles are specially designed to comfortably accommodate wheelchairs and stretchers for patients on their way to or from hospice care and other medical situations. The company’s vans are also available for general types of rentals.

Yet whatever the reason a Quality Transport van is needed, the job of scheduling every passenger pick-up and drop-off – and assigning drivers for them – is the responsibility of Lisa Espinoza. And until partnering with SpiralFX in 2008, her job was a pain.

“With our old system, I had to do all of our daily scheduling on an Excel spreadsheet and e-mail it to each of our drivers,” Lisa said. “Then SpiralFX came in and put together web-based schedules for us.”

Now the Quality Transport drivers can simply log in at any time to get their schedules from the company website. That makes the whole process more efficient.

“All of our scheduling is much easier and faster now,” she added. “We can even manage the site from home on weekends.”

Getting to this point wasn’t so simple, though. When Lisa and SpiralFX began developing the company’s new web functions, they were in uncharted territory.

“It was hard for me to explain just what we needed,” Lisa said, “so SpiralFX set up a test site that I could get into and play with. Then by trying out different things that way, we could figure out what we had to do next. SpiralFX was really good about working with me at every step and making the changes.”

Clearly pleased with the system’s improvements, Lisa gives high marks to SpiralFX for their work. “It’s been great,” she said. “They really know how to take care of things quickly.”

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